There is something immensely rewarding about owning a home, but what happens when the home you bought is haunted? According to’s Annual Halloween Survey, 60 percent of people who have lived in a haunted house said they found out after already moving in. What’s more fascinating is that most Americans would not immediately pack up and move if they were to find out their home was haunted. 

The Number of Ways Ghosts Make Their Presence Known in Your Home 

Ghosts find weird ways to alert you to their paranormal presence. Think you may have a ghostly occupant? Watch out for some of these things that may happen in your home if spirits linger:

  • You hear noises such as creaks, footsteps, knocking, and scratching, but neither you nor your houseguests are responsible for these sounds. 
  • Your lights flicker on and off spontaneously. No one in the house (at least no one living) is playing with the lights. 
  • Unusual shadows appear, but you can’t see what’s casting them. These are called “shadow people” or a perception of a patch of shadow as a living, humanoid figure. 
  • As you pass through the rooms in your home you may notice some areas are icy-cold while others are blazing-hot. Spirits can alter the temperature in your home in strange and noticeable ways. 
  • Your pets see the unseen. Your precious fur babies may whine, whimper, or bark for reasons you can’t see or sense. There’s no intruder in your home, no wind or storm outside, and nothing physically wrong with your pets. They are behaving as if there is a presence in your house. 

What Should You Do if You Own a Home that is Haunted? 

  • Cleanse your home! Burn some sage and allow the smoke to waft into every room. Sage has been used for thousands of years to purify environments and send messages to evil spirits. 
  • Call a ghost expert! There are many paranormal research professionals. Go online and find one in your area and have them take a look at your home to provide solutions. 
  • Turn your home into a tourist attraction! Make it fun by collaborating with the ghosts in your home. There are many haunted houses that have been turned into tourist attractions such as the Whalley House in San Diego, California, or the Franklin Castle in Cleveland, Ohio. 

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