Selling Las Vegas Luxury Homes: Give Your Home a Story

Most home buyers like to feel as though they buying a home that has a good history as well as unique features inside that tell a story. Although it may seem harmless, letting prospective buyers know you are moving in order to “downsize” and other seemingly neutral reasons can deter a buyer. When selling Las Vegas luxury homes, it’s extremely competitive. Revealing you are selling your luxury home due to a divorce or even death in the family can put off some buyers. Instead, put a positive spin on your reason for selling or don’t say anything. If you tell a prospective buyer you are selling in order to downsize, they might immediately think about how the home is too big for their needs. Having an experienced Realtor who knows how to legally and professionally showcase the positive attributes of your home is a great asset in today’s Las Vegas real estate market.

City Spotlight: Corona, CA - The Circle City

Corona, California is a city in Riverside County located near Riverside and Yorba Linda. Corona was nicknamed “The Circle City” from the street layout of the city, a standard grid of streets enclosed by Grand Boulevard which is circular. Corona is considered a bedroom city, where most residents work outside of their home city, because of its location close to Orange County and Downtown Los Angeles.