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3 Ways to go for the Gold as a Realtor

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The 2016 U.S. Olympic Team is made up of more than 500 athletes who have dedicated their lives to earning a gold medal. As we’ve watched Michael Phelps win his 28th gold medal and Simone Biles leap to her 4th gold in gymnastics, perhaps what is most astonishing about these athletes is the effortlessness which they display their talents paired with incredible mental strength.  For each of these athletes, it’s taken a certain mindset to get them where they are today in Rio. Taking a cue from the Olympic athletes, learn to apply their hard work and discipline to score the gold as a real estate professional.

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Top 8 Cities for Beer Drinkers

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1. Denver, CO


Home to the beautiful Rocky Mountains, this Mile High City does not lack avid beer enthusiasts. Denver offers a wide array of microbreweries, beer cafes, and brew pubs throughout the city. Known for their craft breweries (235 to be exact), the expansion of new breweries continue to grow exponentially. Denver’s most well known breweries include  Rock Bottom Brewery, Breckenridge Brewery, Great Divide, Falling Rock, Bluemoon, Freshcraft, Denver Beer Company and more. This city won’t disappoint you!

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Five First Time Home Buyer Mistakes and How to Prevent Them

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So you’ve saved, saved, and then saved again for that down payment on your first home purchase. You’ve read countless articles on how to select an agent, you’ve toured several communities, and even spent hours online doing research. You feel more prepared than ever, and now you’re finally ready to start thinking about making that piece of the “American Dream” a reality. But wait, before you make what will arguably be the most expensive purchase in your lifetime, make sure you avoid some common mistakes that, in the end, could save you some serious money and frustration. Here are five mistakes you’ll want to know you navigated around, as you pop open that bottle of bubbly in celebration of your first home purchase.

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