Las Vegas Luxury Homes for Downsizing Empty-Nesters

Many luxury home buyers have a must-have list that includes spectacular views, an elevator and home gym. Finding everything you want can be a challenge, but isn’t impossible for empty-nesters downsizing to Las Vegas. Many Las Vegas luxury homes are just the right size for those who want a luxurious lifestyle without all the upkeep and security headaches that comes with a sprawling mansion. According to a report by the Chicago Tribune, the average American home is now about 2,600 square feet. When buying a luxury or custom home, the price per square foot is typically much higher because of the upgrades and high-end finishes. The average size of the American home set a new record. Meanwhile, downsizing baby boomers and others who want less s pace but a better lifestyle.

Leasing to Tenants with Disabilities

As a property owner, you must be familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.  Many landlords and tenants are still confused about the details of “providing reasonable accommodations and modification.” Tenants and Landlords can easily view “reasonable accommodation” in different lights.