4 Tips for Buying the Right Las Vegas Luxury Home for You

Nowadays, Las Vegas luxury homes come with many features and are designed to fulfill the needs of any kind of buyer.  Whether you’re looking for a quiet, hacienda-type home with a beautiful garden for you to potter around in or a penthouse in a building right in the middle of the city, we are sure that we can find something for you.  Before you start looking, you might want to think about what type of luxury features you’re looking for in your home.

Attention Investors! Vacancy Rates Declining in Las Vegas

Occupancy rates nationally have been the highest this year since late 2001.  In some metropolitan areas, rates are the highest they have been this century! 

Single family homes and condominiums are great investments.  With low interest rates and creative investor loan programs, investors are taking advantage of potential positive cash flow in Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas.