Tips For Successful Tenant Screening

When managing your investment property, your first goal is to identify your new tenant.

With your advertising in place and property “For Rent” sign displayed, your phone will start to ring!

Your property has great curb appeal, is priced right, and is in a great location; finding an interested tenant is easy.  What follows next is a bit more complicated.

Renting a Home? Tenant Beware! Rental Scams on the Rise

All too often, potential tenants are the victims of rental scams originating from Craigslist and other internet rental websites.  This is occurring in all areas of the country, to tenants in all price ranges.

The scam begins when you, as an unsuspecting prospective tenant, find the perfect home or condo.  It just happens to be vacant and available immediately!  The ad on the website shows great photos of the vacant property...