Top RealtyONEGroup Real Estate Professionals and 2015 Trends

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2015 was our best year yet, and it’s all thanks to you, the RealtyONEGroup real estate professionals who #WakeUpToWin everyday to reach new heights! With the ‘you first’ focus in mind, we asked 3 outstanding agents what led to their success in the last year.

The Economy Helped

2015 was a good time for sellers and realtors as For Sale signs began popping up all over the country. Real estate professional Walter Russell Shaw noted, “Bad economies teach good real estate techniques and weed out poor-performing agents. Both make the early stages of an economic recovery profitable for those agents who know how to work hard and smart.”


CRMs (Custom Relationship Management System) Are Key

Having a system in place to keep track of all the leads and contacts you obtain is key to building your business. Kirby Scofield, another top-producing real estate professional, mentioned Slacker as his preferred CRM system, helping him land sales and keep in touch with contacts. Walter Russell Shaw also said, “Pick a CRM that you enjoy using. Until you master your client data base, you don’t need to be marketing. We use Referral Maker.” A top CRM system will help to convert and retain leads.

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Clients First

Adam Hamblen, real estate professional said that hiring a third in office staff member, Director of Client Care, helped to ensure that all the leads, customers, and clients were cared for everyday. ONE way to keep opening doors is to “reach out to contacts daily and make it a top priority every day.”


Marketing Tools to Remember

“You have to spend money to make money,” Hamblen commented. His team added a budget item for 2015 to become a premier agent on Zillow, Trulia, and other popular website. The action resulted in an increase of quality leads and more closings. Videolicious and the RealtyONEGroup apps are other popular apps used by RealtyONEGroup professionals to help close deals and show listings.


The lists below list the top 25 agents in the RealtyONEGroup offices in two different categories:

  • Total Number of Transactions
  • Total Sales Volume

Top RealtyONEGroup Real Estate Professional based on Number of Transactions for 2015:

  • Walter Russell Shaw | Paradise Valley Office | 295 Transactions
  • Adam Hamblen | Glendale Office | 251 Transactions
  • Iryna Sysenko | Green Valley Office | 198 Transactions
  • James Brooks | Green Valley Office | 130 Transactions
  • Collins Team | Lake Havasu Office | 129 Transactions
  • Darren Bryan | Summerlin Office | 109 Transactions
  • Geoffrey W. Lavell | Green Valley Office | 107 Transactions
  • Beth Rebenstorf | Tempe Office | 83 Transactions
  • Brian Cross | Goodyear Office | 82 Transactions
  • Lynn Ashton | Goodyear Office| 79 Transactions
  • Amy Barnett | Glendale Office| 74 Transactions
  • Brodkin Group | Southwest Office| 74 Transactions
  • Erick Harpole | Eugene Office| 72 Transactions
  • Andrew Altman | Glendale Office| 71 Transactions
  • Robert Morganti | Green Valley Office| 68 Transactions
  • Susan Proctor | Green Valley Office| 68 Transactions
  • Patrick Marelly | Carlsbad Office| 66 Transactions
  • Heidi Hanley | Green Valley Office| 65 Transactions
  • Stefan “Stephane” Di Pasquale | Green Valley Office| 64 Transactions
  • Drew Lehman | Gilbert Office| 63 Transactions
  • Claudia H. Wilson | Gilbert Office | 83 Transactions
  • Lisa Glomski | Glendale Office| 83 Transactions

Top RealtyONEGroup Real Estate Professional based on 2015 Sales Volume:

  • Walter Russell Shaw | Paradise Valley Office | $62M
  • Adam Hamblen | Glendale Office | $54M
  • Jeffrey Sibbach | North Scottsdale Office | $50M
  • Min Zhang | Irvine Office | $45M
  • Iryna Sysenko | Green Valley Office | $40M
  • Joan Levinson | Paradise Valley Office | $38M
  • Lesli Zhong | Cupertino Office | $37M
  • Sam Mu | Irvine Office Office | $37M
  • Jessica Hong | Irvine Office | $34M
  • Patrick Marelly | Carlsbad Office | $34M
  • James Brooks | Green Valley Office | $33M
  • Kim Abbott | Paradise Valley Office | $31M
  • Collins Team | Lake Havasu Office | $30M
  • Darren Bryan | Summerlin Office | $29M
  • Pauline David | Campbell Office | $28M
  • Mina Chae | Irvine Office | $27M
  • Kirby Scofield | Summerlin Office | $24M
  • Geoffrey W. Lavell | Green Valley Office | $24M
  • Wayne Change | Laguna Niguel Office | $22M
  • Susanna Wong | Cupertino Office | $21M
  • Julie Pelle | Scottsdale Office | $21M
  • Beth Rebenstorf | Tempe Office | $21M
  • Lynn Ashton | Goodyear Office | $21M
  • Veronica Lee | Irvine Office | $20M
  • Betty Lu | Cupertino Office | $20M


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What marketing tools or tactics worked for your business in 2015? Tell us in the comments!


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