Timing is everything when it comes to getting the highest price you can in the Las Vegas real estate market. If you own a home that would appeal to families with children, you would do well to list your home according to the school calendar. Most families want to get settled into a new home in the summer before school starts. If your home is one that would attract baby boomer retirees or part-time residents, consider listing during the winter. In Las Vegas, the temperatures drop to the thirties at night during the winter, but then climb to the fifties and sixties during the day. According to an article by trulia.com, smart home sellers time their listing. A good Las Vegas Realtor can guide you so you don’t lose out on the current hot seller’s market . Your Realtor will fill you in on the seasonal trends in home searches.

It’s natural to feel let down when a home appraisal for your custom home in Las Vegas comes back lower than your asking price. By working with an experienced Las Vegas Realtor who knows the best negotiation strategies, you’ll likely achieve the best outcome for you. At this time, it’s a seller’s market in Las Vegas where there’s a limited inventory but high demand for luxury custom homes. 

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