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Before you consider short sales in Las Vegas, talk to an experienced Realtor about your timeline and goals. In many cases, it can take a lot longer to get to closing if you are buying a short sale versus a traditional sale in Las Vegas. If a short sale listing perks your interest, your Realtor can find out if the current listing price is bank approved or whether it’s a general starting price put out by the listing agent. A short sale is more challenging if you are juggling a home purchase with a home sale. According to a recent article by washingtonpost.com, there are ways to improve your chances of a smooth house closing. An experienced Realtor can help you jump from the closing on the sale of your home to the closing of the purchase of a new home, minimizing your stress. Unless you plan to make an all-cash deal, prepare for closing with all your mortgage documents so there aren’t any setbacks.

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