House Hunting Secrets for the Las Vegas Real Estate Market

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Buying a new home in Las Vegas is thrilling, especially when the home appreciates in value. A reputable Realtor who knows the Las Vegas real estate market can help you find a home that’s as much of an investment as it is a luxurious place to live. When it comes to house hunting secrets, savvy homebuyers look for Las Vegas properties in areas with homes that appreciate above the average market rate. Avoid buying a home that’s the most expensive one in the neighborhood, but consider homes in great locations with curb appeal and “good bones.” If a home listing states a home has been completely renovated or recently updated, it’s likely the seller will want to recoup his or her costs. According to a piece by Money under 30, one house hunting secret is to buy a home that’s a mild fixer, but doesn’t have any major problems beyond the cosmetic issues.

Buy a home with a view

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Penthouse Loft overlooking the Strip


It’s hard to put a price tag on views of the Las Vegas strip or other appealing views. When you can find a motivated seller who is in a hurry or has a home in need of updating but that has a spectacular view, you are thinking like an investor. While you live in the single-family home or condo, you can enjoy the views. When you decide to sell, your home will be worth more because of the views. When updating the space, pay careful attention to replacement windows and window treatments that frame the million-dollar views.


Ask for a decorating allowance

Experts say 2016 is the year the market shifts from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market, which means buyers will have more negotiating power. Fewer all-cash investors are buying up property in Las Vegas, which will give first-time and other home buyers a chance to house hunt without the added pressure of competing with investors. In a buyer’s market, it’s more common that sellers offer special perks and incentives such as paying for closing costs and offering a decorating allowance.


Consider the neighborhood

Home in Henderson Nevada. Henderson is known for being one of the safest city’s in America and for golfing.

In addition to checking the area schools, it’s also wise to find out about the shopping malls and amenities being built as well as the number of new construction home communities. Drive around and see whether homeowners in an established neighborhood are keeping up with curb appeal. Decide whether you want to live in an area with a lot of renters or whether that’s an issue for you. The secret to buying the right home is to do research so nothing is a surprise after you move into a neighborhood.

Perhaps the most powerful house hunting secret is to have a Realtor who is on your side. A good Las Vegas Realtor may know about homes for sale before they are even listed. 

Written By: Jim Simmons

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