The Right Time of Year to Sell in Las Vegas

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Timing is everything when it comes to getting the highest price you can in the Las Vegas real estate market. If you own a home that would appeal to families with children, you would do well to list your home according to the school calendar. Most families want to get settled into a new home in the summer before school starts. If your home is one that would attract baby boomer retirees or part-time residents, consider listing during the winter. In Las Vegas, the temperatures drop to the thirties at night during the winter, but then climb to the fifties and sixties during the day. According to an article by, smart home sellers time their listing. A good Las Vegas Realtor can guide you so you don’t lose out on the current hot seller’s market . Your Realtor will fill you in on the seasonal trends in home searches.

The school calendar

If you are trying to sell a rental property near a college campus or single-family home perfect for families with children, it pays to list your home in the spring or summer. If your home is close to schools, you’ll likely notice higher demand during the spring and summer months. When listing in the summer, make sure you keep the home cool and decorate with a cool color scheme such as blues, whites and silvers.


The tax calendar

Some people take their fat refund checks to buy a home in Las Vegas. Of course, gamblers might take their winnings to buy a home any time of the year. Motivated buyers often search for homes after they have the down payment money from a tax return. If your Realtor lists your home for sale March through June, you could be benefiting from the tax refund buyer.


The weather calendar

According to, another good time to list is when the weather is nice. In the Las Vegas Real Estate Market, the winter months are a little chilly but pleasant. As a seller, you can work with the weather in Las Vegas by making sure your heating and cooling systems are working well. Make sure your home has plenty of fans for the warmer months. In the cooler months, you can arm up your space with an outdoor fire pit and a warmer color palette such as yellows, reds and oranges.

Other popular times to buy or sell a home include the holidays. People who relocate to Las Vegas due to a job might make the move during an extended holiday. Some part-time residents or snowbirds often move in time to spent time with loved ones during the holidays. Experts say the slowest real estate months include November and December. If you list your home at the end of the year, you will have less competition with other sellers who decide to wait.




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