Why Should You Use Videolicious?

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Many agents may not realize this, but using video as a marketing tool is incredibly powerful in the real estate business. The misconception is that video or online marketing will only lead to an increase in short-term sales, but implementing video and all its additional capabilities can help you establish better long-term sales as well.  Here are the top 5 reasons you should start using Videolicious in your existing online marketing presence:

1. Agent Video Profile

Instead of just sticking a headshot on your website, make an “About Me” video for all your potential clients! Talk about your specialties as an agent, where you’re from, and why you’re passionate about the real estate industry. Including a video like this helps build trust, something your clients will value above all else.


2. Neighborhood Tours

Make a video to show off the area surrounding your listing and why potential buyers would want to live there! Include small details like the best place to get tacos or the ONE-derful nearby park for kids. Offering a more complete view of the neighborhood will increase a potential homebuyer’s enthusiasm about having such a knowledgeable agent on their side!


3. Testimonials

ONE of the greatest moments of the entire home buying process is when you can finally hand over the keys to your client. Right after the deal is made official, ask your clients if you can film them giving a testimonial about your work as an agent. It’s an incredibly powerful message to send to future clients on your website; it’s like saying, “Don’t take my word for it, take it from my clients.”


4. Listing Presentations

Generally speaking, clients are more likely to purchase a home if there is a video tour of the home included on the website. This is because home buyers feel that they are given more power during such a life-changing event, and it allows them to take an initial look to get more excited about actually touring the home.


5. Brag About the Coolture

Compile images and videos from your office culture — holiday parties, creative coaching sessions, teambuilding exercises, the possibilities are endless! Show your clients why you love being a part of the RealtyONEGroup community and the milestONEs you’ve celebrated together.


We have ONE team dedicated to helping you
Our first quarter goal for 2016 is to have our number ONE Videolicious team travel around and teach agents how to use this platform to promote themselves and their business. If you visit the Videolicious team when they come to an office near you, you’ll be given access to the enterprise account via your computer and mobile devices (after you download the app, of course!). Once you’ve gained access, you can use all sorts of music, effects, and other video editing tools offered by Videolicious. You’ll also be granted access to the dashboard and the highlighted “Best Videos” from other RealtyONEGroup agents!

Check out the Videolicious site!
Follow the link to learn a little bit more about all the ways you can use Videolicious to build a more successful online presence:

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