Agent Spotlight: Jillian Batchelor

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We sat down with Jillian Batchelor, one of the Las Vegas region’s top-producing agents for Realty ONE Group, to ask all about her proudest moments as an agent, why she chose to return to Realty ONE Group, and her insight into the current housing market.

1. What do you think sets Realty ONE Group apart from other companies when it comes to representing agents?

Their culture (or coolture) is amazing. They’re constantly moving forward and innovating and finding what else they can do to support their agents.  They’re a very agent-centered company and they’re always on top of things.

2. Why did you choose to come back to Realty ONE Group?

I really came back for the technology and forward-thinking leadership.  Between Kuba and Wally, the energy is fantastic!  I was with WIN Realty Group before; I had a franchise with them too, so it was a big switch, but nothing makes me happier!

3. What has been your proudest moment while working for Realty ONE Group?

Realty ONE Group is super welcoming and always open to collaboration.  My proudest moment was when another one of the top-producing agents in the Las Vegas region asked me if I wanted to join forces, so we could become bigger and better with Realty ONE Group behind us.

4. Any tips for future agents?

If you want to be at a company that is going to do more for you, if you want to take your career to a different level, then this is definitely the company for you.

5. How is it working with Wally?

He’s amazing.  His energy is infectious and his personality is larger than life.  I have a very big personality and he’s like that, too.  He’s big and bold and it’s a big reason why I’m there.  You want to be around other innovative people like that to keep you motivated.

6. How are current home sales in the Las Vegas market?

They’re fantastic, actually!  The average right now is about 60 days on the market, so it’s still a buyer’s and seller’s market.

7. Can you name ONE struggle you encountered with a client and how you overcame it?

The biggest struggle is whenever people are very emotionally attached to their property.  They have to realize that some of this is a business transaction; seller’s often think their home is worth way more than it is.  As an agent, the key is to listen: Why are they moving, buying, or selling that property?  If you listen, it will help everyone reach their goal together and you’ll get the client what they need.

8. What goals do you have for you and your team?

Our main goal is to close 200 units a year with at least $20 million in home sales — we already close 150 units annually, so I’m confident we’ll be able to reach it.  But I want us to achieve our goal while having fun and being productive!

9. Do you have a favorite story about working with a client?

I do!  So I was contacted to sell a home for a husband and wife who were getting ready to divorce.  A big reason people get divorced has to do with finances, which was definitely the case for this couple.  When I met them, they were shouting at each other and constantly arguing.  But after I helped them sell the home, it was like a huge burden had been lifted for them.  After the deal closed, they decided to stay together!

10. And finally, do you and your team do any team building activities in the office?

We really try to get down to the heart of everyone.  Money doesn’t motivate everyone; some people appreciate the notoriety or other forms of reward.  We do an interactive personality assessment with every agent to see what makes everybody tick.  That way, we know how to recognize our team members based on what motivates them the most.


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