Five Tips for Becoming a Number ONE Realty Agent

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We asked some of our top-producing agents to look back and offer ONE small piece of advice for new agents.

1. Promote, Promote, Promote

“Get your seller’s open house information out any way you can: Internet, word of mouth, mail, etc. The more people you reach, the greater your chances are to close a deal!” – Anna Rogers, Santa Clarita, CA

It can be difficult to get your name and your listings out there, but luckily we’ve got your back when it comes to the critical support and technology to help you on your path to success. Real estate is undoubtedly a demanding business, but all RealtyONEGroup agents will tell you to never give up.

2. Relationships are Key

“Always be honest. Be true to yourself and to the people you’re working with. Put your clients ahead of yourself and you’ll be successful.” – Dave Schuster, Scottsdale, AZ

Believing in yourself and your clients will make all the difference as your career continues to grow. Always show that you’re there to lend a hand or a positive attitude. Whatever they’re looking for, your clients you put their faith in you to find them the deal of their dreams!

3. Educate Yourself on the Market and Business Trends

“Education in this business is the key to success, so it’s important to never stop learning. Also, make sure you’re with a good broker, because working with Barbara Baker and RealtyONEGroup has been the key to my success!” – Kathy Weber, Las Vegas, NV

There’s a ton of information out there for you as an agent to know, but it also helps to keep your clients in the know and educated about the market around them.  Offer them a personalized buyer or seller packet, complete with insight into the area, tips on the buying and selling process.

4. Understand Your Clients Needs and Build Trust

“Sometimes your client needs to hear exactly what they don’t want to hear. It’s important to be honest about the current market and give them realistic expectations for the transaction. This is the best way to build trust and wind up with a successful sale.” – Karla Ferrado, Las Vegas, NV

Building trust is ONE of the most important things you’ll have to do when working with clients. Establish trust by team building: Help sellers stage their homes for showings. Because every home is unique, there’s an opportunity to treat the home staging process like a blank canvas.

5. Be Patient with the Process   

“Be patient with your clients and the entire process. If you try to force something or get too caught up in it, it’ll only stress you out.” – Paul DeSimone, Temecula, CA

Resiliency and patience are vital when working in this industry — some days are guaranteed to be more difficult than others. But your commitment to closing a transaction will always keep you going when you find yourself faced with obstacles.

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