What is the Lifetime Value of a Lead – provided by Real Trends.

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Calculate the lifetime value of your client. As a real estate sales professional, you likely get paid by commission. This commission is the culmination of hard work, marketing your services, securing your client, promoting the property and negotiating the sale. So it stands to reason that you would put a value on that client equal to the commission you earned on the transaction, right? Wrong. Your client is worth more to you than that. The value of that client shouldn’t be based on one transaction; it should be based on the relationship you have going forward, over its lifetime. According to the REAL Trends 2016-17 Online Performance Study, the Lifetime Value of a Real Estate Client (LTV) is a real, calculable figure that takes into consideration several factors: Age of client Average years in a home Repeat business Referrals Adwerx built a free calculator to figure this out. Try it: LTV is the total inflow of cash resulting from your relationship with a client over the entirety of that relationship, not just a single transaction. So, the investment you were prepared to make in one client just changed. And here’s the catch: this calculation can make or break your…

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Millennials are Choosing the Suburbs Over the City

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Young home buyers are giving up the city life in favor of quiet neighborhoods, convenience in parking and morning jogs at local parks. In the past, millennials thought of the burbs as cookie-cutter homes and slow day to days. Now, it’s time to erase these stereotypes and see why young buyers are flocking over to buy homes in the suburbs. According to National Association of Realtors®, first-time buyers made up 35% of all home buyers. Millennials are increasingly buying homes in the suburbs. Let’s look at some factors on why millennial homebuyers are leaving the big city and going to a slower and quiet paced neighborhood. Land and Space People who lived in the city before understand that both land and space are limited. Suburbs have a number of parks, hiking grounds and greenery. Backyards are often on homebuyers wish list, the house itself isn’t enough. Young buyers want a yard for their dogs and a space to grow different plants and crops. Convenience While it’s exciting to have a city full of people and access to nightclubs and events, younger buyers are appreciating the convenience of getting around. Convenience driving to the grocery store, convenience making quick errands and…

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Prepare your Home for Holiday Guests with 5 DIY Hacks

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It’s that time of the year, where we have to start prepping our home for dinner parties and guests. Preparing your home for the holidays is actually like prepping your home for sale. Here are some handy tips on some easy effortless ways to get your home ready for this season. We look forward to December as the holiday’s approach. Soon family and friends will be knocking on the front door with wine and happy smiles. As hosts, we want to make our home spotless and welcoming. Decorating the home and tidying up is just some standard ways we prepare our home for guests. Sometimes, we want to consider renovation project to spruce up our home both for guests and add value to our homes. 1. Guest Bathroom Renovation The bathroom is crucial when guests arrive. Since there is usually one designated shared bathroom, this is a great time to consider a bathroom makeover! There is an array of ways to spruce up your bathroom. Start with cleaning out your cabinets and stocking them with fresh towels. Add in holiday scented candles to the counters just to add a fun touch. If you are due for a full renovation, a…

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halloween movie houses

Houses from your Favorite Halloween Movies

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With the oncoming of October, now is the perfect time for pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating and Halloween movie marathons. These classic Halloween films featured on the list are not only beloved but also use interesting and compelling homes as their settings. We ran down through a few favorites and the “boo-tiful” houses featured to get you in the festive Halloween spirit!

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Fall Home Decor Trends

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