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home ready for summer

Get Your Home Ready for Summer

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Get a tan. Go on vacation. Sign the kids up for summer camp. Just a few things on the summer to-do-list for around the house but what about the house? With all the excitement that the new season brings, it’s easy to forget about the many things that need to be done to get your home ready for summer. Just as the winter months can take their toll on a home (unless you’re in sunny Southwest), there’s plenty that needs to be done to properly prepare your house for the new season. The following is a list of  guidelines on how to get your home summer ready before the temperatures kick up a notch!

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save money when moving to a new place

7 Ways to Save Money When Moving to a New Place

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Let’s face it, moving-  whether it’s down the street or across the country, is one of the most stressful events people face. It alters not only your physical location but your daily routine, your immediate support network, and your social environment.  Even more so, it can take a toll on your finances with the little expenses adding up. Still, 35 million Americans relocate every year, however there are many ways to minimize the impact on your finances. Here are 7 ways to save your hard earned cash when making a move.

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pet updates to home

5 Updates To Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

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For many people, pets are like family. Sure, they may pee on the carpet or scratch on the door on occasion but, they’re a permanent and lovable addition to any house that make it feel like a home.They’re the ones who greet you excitedly when you come home after a long day and are always quick to cuddle up. Around 37-47% of households in the U.S. have a dog and 30-37% have a cat, yet homes are hardly ever built with these furry residents in mind. Here are a few updates that go the extra mile in making sure your cuddly friend is comfortable and safe in your home.

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moving houses

4 Tips for Taking the Stress out of Moving

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Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do—and yet, everyone has to do it at some point. Whether you’ve accepted a great new job offer across the country or are moving down the street to a cheaper apartment, the process is the same: get everything into boxes and out of the house before you lose your mind. Follow our four tips to take the extra stress out of moving and make it a day to remember:

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How To Tell If You Need A New Roof

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When buying or selling a home, it is crucial to be fully aware of any structural or systemic concerns within the building. To find the true value of a home, and to help prevent home buyers from purchasing a “lemon,” a home is always inspected in the process of a real estate transaction. Inspectors will evaluate things like the plumbing and HVAC systems, electrical wiring, the foundation, and of course, the roof.

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ways to increase your home value

8 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value on a Budget

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  If you’re thinking about putting your home on the market, or if you’re having a hard time getting the price you want for your home, there are hundreds of things you can do to increase the value of your home before selling. While many of these projects cost more money than you might have during the selling process, there are plenty of inexpensive ways to help you get the most out of your home! Here are the eight best ways to do just that.

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