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Get Your Home Ready for Super Bowl Sunday

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Super Bowl is around the corner and fans are getting ready for friends and family to come over to root for their favorite team. As important as it is to have the right snacks and right television, you need to ensure your home is ready for the big event. Preparing for the Super Bowl doesn’t have to be stressful and in fact, the preparation can be fun for you and your home. Here are some tips to get your home ready for all the touchdowns. Provide the Right Refreshments Super Bowl parties have the usual finger foods and drink selection staples so consider whipping up something more than just nachos and wings. Tap into your creativity and make some fun appetizers and snacks for your guests to enjoy. Display the food and drinks on different plates and trays for easy access. Don’t Forget About the Other Rooms Although most of your guests will be comfortably seated in front of the television, there will be guests who prefer to hang out in the kitchen or in other areas of your home. Set up entertaining spaces outside and inside for guests to lounge, or consider supplying music or a separate television and…

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8 Storage Spaces You’re Overlooking at Home

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Whether your home is big or small, your home is filled with missed storage opportunities. Feeling more organized and getting rid of clutter around the home will inspire not only a fresh but organized and inspired life in 2017. If your home is spacious and organized, your sanity will be as well. Utilize all the spaces around your home and be refreshed. Discover the 8 prime places you might be overlooking. Some of these might amaze you. 1. The Laundry Room: hang shelves above the washer and dryer to capture missed space. Here you can incorporate baskets with labels or apothecary jars to hold detergent, softener, socks and any other items. Having an organized room will make laundry day that much better. 2. The Kitchen: When storing your bulky pots and pans, organize them in a file (stacked on the side) vs. keeping them faced up. This will help open up space for other utensils and allow you to see everything. If you have an island in your kitchen, you could turn your basic island into storage central. Hang up a peg board on the back side of your island and allow yourself to hang not only pans but key…

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Prepare your Home for Holiday Guests with 5 DIY Hacks

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It’s that time of the year, where we have to start prepping our home for dinner parties and guests. Preparing your home for the holidays is actually like prepping your home for sale. Here are some handy tips on some easy effortless ways to get your home ready for this season. We look forward to December as the holiday’s approach. Soon family and friends will be knocking on the front door with wine and happy smiles. As hosts, we want to make our home spotless and welcoming. Decorating the home and tidying up is just some standard ways we prepare our home for guests. Sometimes, we want to consider renovation project to spruce up our home both for guests and add value to our homes. 1. Guest Bathroom Renovation The bathroom is crucial when guests arrive. Since there is usually one designated shared bathroom, this is a great time to consider a bathroom makeover! There is an array of ways to spruce up your bathroom. Start with cleaning out your cabinets and stocking them with fresh towels. Add in holiday scented candles to the counters just to add a fun touch. If you are due for a full renovation, a…

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Fall Home Decor Trends

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downsizing a home

7 Tips When Downsizing Your Home

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Downsizing can be extremely tough. Whether you have already downsized or preparing to do so, there are some key important steps you can take to make the process a smooth transition.  Like most people, your home is probably filled with items that you have accumulated over time.  Follow these seven steps and I promise it will make the experience a much more positive one.

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The Home Buying Costs You Haven’t Considered

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Buying a home is 38% cheaper than renting in most cities, so it’s no surprise that more and more renters are considering buying a home. If you’re among this new crop of prospective homeowners, as you crunch the numbers for your down payment and mortgage, be aware that there are a few other costs that catch you by surprise. While shopping for your first home, a few of these costs:

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