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Reasons Why You Should Love Your Home

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Your house isn’t just your home, but a piece of who you are. There will always be areas of your home you would like to improve or change, but instead of focusing on the things we don’t like, we should look at the things we love about our home. Think about what made you first fall in love with your house in the first place. The Size of Your Home Whether your home is big or small, appreciate it for what it’s worth. If your home is spacious, rearrange some of the furniture to refresh the space. If your home is small, get creative with storage solutions by deciding what items can be stowed away and what should be put out on display. Built-in storage and dual functional furniture are great options for both function and usability. Community If you’ve lived in your community for awhile you are likely familiar with all the best restaurants, parks and recreation centers around your neighborhood, and you may have even made a few friends. These are the elements you should embrace your community and it’s nice to be reminded why you chose to live in an area that drew you in in the…

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Budgeting for a Home is Easier Than You Think

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Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases in a person’s life; after all, buying a home isn’t the same as buying a car. It can be overwhelming to think about all the money you need to save for the down and monthly payments, but with a good strategy in place, you’ll be able to save up and purchase a home in due time. Budgeting can be a tricky thing. Not only do you need to be organized, but you need to make decisions on how much to spend and allocate to your savings account on a consistent basis. Once you figure out how much you can put away and how much you can spend, things will handle itself. Here are some helpful tips. Add Up Your Income Learn how much you can spend by figuring out how much money you are bringing in. Add up every source of income you receive each month and once you have that figured out, you will want to make a list of all your expenses. How Much to Allocate 50% of your total monthly income should go into living expenses and essentials. This includes rent, utilities, transportation or gas, and necessary groceries…

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halloween movie houses

Houses from your Favorite Halloween Movies

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With the oncoming of October, now is the perfect time for pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating and Halloween movie marathons. These classic Halloween films featured on the list are not only beloved but also use interesting and compelling homes as their settings. We ran down through a few favorites and the “boo-tiful” houses featured to get you in the festive Halloween spirit!

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St. Louis

Reasons to Love St. Louis

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From trend-forward, energetic bar and nightclub districts, to charming tree-lined streets dotted with neighborhood cafes and restaurants, St. Louis, the ‘Gateway to the West’, offers the perfect recipe for those who might be considering a move to this Midwest favorite. Whether you’re considering a company relocation opportunity, starting a new career, or simply wanting to experience the adventure of living in a new city, it’s easy to see why the ‘Spirit of St. Louis’ abounds in this beautiful city known as the ‘Rome of the West’.

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Denver Spotlight

Spotlight on Denver

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As the official ‘Gateway to the Rockies’, Denver offers both visitors and residents a majestic combination of outdoor escapes, western history, hipster nightlife, and a seemingly endless selection of trending career opportunities. Whether you’re just starting your career, looking at a corporate transfer, or simply giving thought to an adventure from relocating, the ‘Mile High City’ is replete with just about anything and everything you could want in a destination city.

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pet updates to home

5 Updates To Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

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For many people, pets are like family. Sure, they may pee on the carpet or scratch on the door on occasion but, they’re a permanent and lovable addition to any house that make it feel like a home.They’re the ones who greet you excitedly when you come home after a long day and are always quick to cuddle up. Around 37-47% of households in the U.S. have a dog and 30-37% have a cat, yet homes are hardly ever built with these furry residents in mind. Here are a few updates that go the extra mile in making sure your cuddly friend is comfortable and safe in your home.

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