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Where We Live Matters

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Where we live can affect our everyday health. The overall quality of the entire neighborhood can affect the air that we breathe and if it’s not a pedestrian-friendly area, going out for some exercise may not seem entirely ideal.City dwellers usually get regular exercise by walking to work and running daily errands, all which are a part of everyday city life. When you spend time outside your neighborhood, you’re more likely to get to know your neighbors, which adds to a feeling of community. Whether you are shopping for a home or looking for neighborhood ideas for when you do decide to move, here are some things to consider if a healthy neighborhood is important to you. As we all know, where we live matters. Access to Parks & Places to Play Parks are not only for folks to walk their dogs or get some exercise; they also serve as great destinations to enjoy the outdoors! The healthiest neighborhoods offer a variety when it comes to recreation and active living.  Look for neighborhoods that offer basketball courts, tennis courts, parks, fitness centers, and pools. Get to Know the Community Having trust in your entire community is important and is one…

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Academy Award Winning Homes

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This Sunday, February 26 is the 89th Academy Awards and everyone around the world will be tuned in to see what everyone is wearing on the red carpet, listen to heartfelt thank you speeches, and most importantly, watch with rapt anticipation as the names of Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Picture are announced. To honor this Sunday’s festivities, we decided to announce our picks for the homes with the Best Outdoor Space, Best Use of Natural Lighting, and Best Dining Room. And the winners are… Best Outdoor Space 8100 N 54th Street Paradise Valley, AZ 85253 Functionality is the name of the game for this beautiful outdoor space. All the elements for entertaining can be found in this Paradise Valley, AZ home, but the design and layout of the home’s backyard are well thought out. Meals can be prepared and enjoyed al fresco thanks to the barbecue and outdoor bar, and with the addition of the glass fire pit, the outdoor space has taken on a new level of intimacy. The swimming pool serves as the centerpiece of this outdoor space, but it’s the views of Mummy Mountain and the Phoenix Preserve that are the icing on the cake….

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Color Me Pretty

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Even the prettiest of homes can start feeling dull after a few years, and sometimes repainting your home is just the makeover it needs. It works well whether you are thinking about selling your house or are in need of freshening up your space. Selling Your House  The safest bet when selling your house is to paint your walls in neutral tones, such as ivory or beige. Neutral colors can give buyers a blank canvas to work with should they wish to repaint the walls. Facelift Even if you are not selling your home, ivory and beige tones can be used to brighten up your space. You can add colorful pillows and linens to complement the walls, or use a colorful trim as an accent color to your space. Keep It Light If you prefer a subtle look there are a range of colors that can be used. Pastel colors such as lavenders, pinks, baby blues, and butter yellows can impart a calm feeling and make the house look airy and spacious. For some added dimension, paint the trim a shade darker than the walls. Color Riot Some people prefer to keep it calm and toned down but if you…

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How to Write and Run a Real Estate Blog

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  One of the best ways to generate leads while keeping potential buyers and sellers informed about the real estate market in your local area is by blogging about it. You don’t necessarily need an English degree to run a real estate blog, but as a real estate professional, you most likely possess some knowledge about your local market and the real estate industry that is worth sharing. However, some realtors are not too sure what they should blog about or are afraid of running out of ideas. They may even feel like their posts aren’t visually appealing to buyers. With that said, here are a few ideas on what topics you can explore and what you can do to ensure the longevity of your blog. Topics of Interest Start with what you know, which could be anything from the highlights of your community, new housing developments, or annual events, to your areas of expertise such as flipping and rehabbing properties, the benefits of investing in income producing properties, or explaining in layman’s terms how the home buying process works. The possibilities are endless! If you are concerned about running out of topics, it doesn’t hurt to revisit previous topics…

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Reasons Why You Should Love Your Home

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Your house isn’t just your home, but a piece of who you are. There will always be areas of your home you would like to improve or change, but instead of focusing on the things we don’t like, we should look at the things we love about our home. Think about what made you first fall in love with your house in the first place. The Size of Your Home Whether your home is big or small, appreciate it for what it’s worth. If your home is spacious, rearrange some of the furniture to refresh the space. If your home is small, get creative with storage solutions by deciding what items can be stowed away and what should be put out on display. Built-in storage and dual functional furniture are great options for both function and usability. Community If you’ve lived in your community for awhile you are likely familiar with all the best restaurants, parks and recreation centers around your neighborhood, and you may have even made a few friends. These are the elements you should embrace your community and it’s nice to be reminded why you chose to live in an area that drew you in in the…

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Stage It Up

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Selling a house can be a pretty daunting and time-consuming job if it’s not done correctly. Once you decide to put your house on the market, you will want it to sell it fast and at top dollar. To do so, you will need to stage your home or change the look of your home from your usual day-to-day life to best capture the buyer’s eye. With a few tips, you can be your own professional home stager and sell your house like hot cakes. Let there be light: One element that can make or break a sale is lighting. A house at a perfect location with a lot of square footage may not take off if there isn’t enough natural lighting in the house. Remove any heavy drapes, clean the windows and let the sunlight flow through to every corner of the house. For color and ambiance, consider replacing the drapes with sheer flowy curtains, which also adds a touch of style.    Clear the clutter: If you have a family or even if it’s just you living in a home, there is usually going to be a little bit of clutter on the counters in the kitchen, bathrooms,…

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Sweet Treats for a Delicious Open House Around Valentine’s Day

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A home with curb appeal will attract buyers to an open house, but it doesn’t hurt to have some great food as well. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so why not add some holiday treats to your upcoming open house. Some real estate professionals will go all out and host open houses with catered spreads, but we think a few homemade appetizers and treats arranged on some elegant plates can do the job. These easy recipes and ideas will help you serve up a successful showing. Next time you are hosting an open house, consider some of these snack ideas for your buyers. Keep in mind that your buyers will be walking and browsing throughout the home, so try and stick with finger foods and other small appetizers. Wonton Quesadillas It’s always nice to have a mix of savory and sweet appetizers laying around the table. Mix in some mini quesadillas from tbsp. to set the table. Instead of using tortillas, use wonton wrappers to prepare a classic snack with a fusion twist. Add some Pink Himalayan salt on top for an extra touch. Heart Cookie Pops Everyone enjoys a classic cookie, but when it’s in the shape of…

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Kitchen Goals

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Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in a home and they have always served as a popular space for people to gather and enjoy homecooked meals. We love a good kitchen and collected a few of our favorites from our current listings.  Get ready to be inspired by these contemporary and traditional designs! Spaciously Clean  We are obsessed with the overall clean and modern look of this kitchen. Bold and airy with plenty of counter space and natural lighting, this kitchen opens up into the dining room and is perfect for entertaining guests. The island is placed perfectly within the space to accommodate guests and functionality. We also love the simplicity of the kitchen and cabinetry. Bold & Beautiful The bold feel of this kitchen is sophisticated and stylish, with the island adding the perfect complementary touch. The warm hues and backsplash harmonize with the entire room. This is truly a unique kitchen that stands out on its own. Classic Glam This bright and gorgeous kitchen offers the perfect mix of color and classic appeal.  The oversized island, beautiful quartz counters, and cabinetry make this kitchen unique and classy, while the white cabinets and warm hues counterbalance each…

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Get Your Home Ready for Super Bowl Sunday

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Super Bowl is around the corner and fans are getting ready for friends and family to come over to root for their favorite team. As important as it is to have the right snacks and right television, you need to ensure your home is ready for the big event. Preparing for the Super Bowl doesn’t have to be stressful and in fact, the preparation can be fun for you and your home. Here are some tips to get your home ready for all the touchdowns. Provide the Right Refreshments Super Bowl parties have the usual finger foods and drink selection staples so consider whipping up something more than just nachos and wings. Tap into your creativity and make some fun appetizers and snacks for your guests to enjoy. Display the food and drinks on different plates and trays for easy access. Don’t Forget About the Other Rooms Although most of your guests will be comfortably seated in front of the television, there will be guests who prefer to hang out in the kitchen or in other areas of your home. Set up entertaining spaces outside and inside for guests to lounge, or consider supplying music or a separate television and…

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3 Dreamy Bathrooms

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Bathrooms are one of the main necessities in our home. We use it every morning and night before we go to sleep. A comfortable and well-designed bathroom makes each day more enjoyable and prepares us for a new day. The bathroom is never just a bathroom, but a place for relaxation and serenity. We collected a few of our favorite bathrooms from our current listings, bathrooms we would want at home. Because having a bathroom we love can make all the difference. 1. Bright and Minimal Everyone loves a clean bright bathroom. This stylish yet functional bathroom is designed with eye-catching marble and clean lines. This bathroom has an open layout and has plenty of room for storage and counter space. Talk about bathroom goals. 2. Calming and Contemporary This bathroom strives for an ultra-modem space with a focus on relaxation. The natural wood accents to the medium toned walls have an immediate tranquil effect. The simplistic design brings dimension to the space, yet brings in an artistic design to the entire bathroom. 3. Classic and Simplistic Something about this design is refreshing. The refined bathroom brings in a classic bathroom feel with a splash of color. The openness of…

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